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Mineral Water 2L

Mineral Water 2L

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A natural mineral water that has been meticulously refined by the earth over more than two decades. The pristine source water is bottled in a clean environment without ever being exposed to the outside air. In an effort to be environmentally conscious and reduce our footprint, we have achieved the lightest domestically produced bottle at 11.9g*.

Name         Water (Mineral Water)
Net Weight: 2l

Nutrition Fact:
Energy (per 100ml) - 0 kcal
Protein (per 100ml) - 0g
Fat (per 100ml) - 0g
Carbohydrates (per 100ml) - 0g
Salt Equivalent (per 100ml) - 0.002g
Sodium (per 100ml) - 0.8mg
Calcium (per 100ml) - 0.1~2.4mg
Magnesium (per 100ml) - 0.02~1.1mg
Potassium (per 100ml) - 0.04~0.7mg
Phosphorus (per 100ml) - Less than 1mg
Hardness (per 1L) - Approximately 10~80mg
pH Value - Approximately 7

Allergen info:
・Common Allergens: 
・May Contain Traces Of:  

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