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Honey Skin Gel Cream

Honey Skin Gel Cream

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"Antibacterial multi-cream"

It features a fresh texture that overflows with reducing ionized water when gently applied to the skin. The water-like cream penetrates into the skin and locks in moisture along with skin-beautifying ingredients, leaving the skin smooth and non-sticky.












Water, Dimethicone, DPG, Sodium Cyclopentasiloxane Citrate, Citric Acid, Honey, Fragrance, Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly Extract, Birch Extract, (Dimethicone/PEG-10_15) Crosspolymer, Placenta Extract, Chlorella Extract, Glycerin, BG 




Hyaluronic acid

 Acetyl hyaluronic acid Na has excellent skin affinity, it binds to the skin even after washing, and has a long-lasting moisturizing effect and softens the skin.  It also has the effect of repairing damaged cells in the skin and strengthening the stratum corneum barrier.



Placenta extract

Placenta promotes blood circulation, delivers nutrition to each skin cell, promotes skin turnover, and helps regenerate beautiful skin.  In addition, it also plays an important role in flushing waste products from the skin.  When blood circulation worsens, waste products tend to accumulate on the skin, causing stains, dullness, and dark circles.  Placenta improves these troubles by promoting blood circulation.  It also protects the skin from aging damage by suppressing the damage of collagen that supports the firmness and elasticity of the skin and suppressing the generation of melanin that causes spots due to its antioxidant action.




Royal  jelly  extract

The skin beautifying effect of royal jelly extract is that it activates the metabolism of the skin because it contains parothine, decenoic acid, and pantothenic acid.  It also regulates sebum secretion and aids in the production of collagen and elastin to create firm, elastic, fresh skin and prevent skin aging.  It contains well-balanced vitamins and minerals, so it is said to have beauty effects on acne, spots, pores, and whitening.




Chlorella extract

It is expected to protect the skin from dryness and improve dullness, wrinkles, and spots caused by aging, and is also used in cosmetics for hair growth.  In addition, it is also used as a health food because of its nutritional supplement effect.




Birch extract

We use white birch from Tokachi, Hokkaido, which grows in highly nutritious soil soaked with naturally rich snowmelt water and is suitable for sap production.  The white birch sap can only be collected for two weeks from March to April, making it a precious commodity.  This birch sap is said to have skin cell differentiation (turnover), moisturizing, tightening, blood circulation promotion, and bactericidal effects. It also contains dozens of minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, carbohydrates, lipids, potassium, and other nutrients that provide energy for the skin.  The balance of these ingredients is very close to the moisture in the cells of living organisms, so it is hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin.




① Uses electrolytically reducing ionized water

All-In-One Gel Cream is characterized by using electrolytically reducing ionized water instead of normal water. Electrolytically reducing ion water has many features such as sebum cleansing, sterilization resistance, moisturizing action, penetrating action, deodorizing effect, and preservative-free.


② sebum wash

When the electrolyzed water comes in contact with sebum and skin, a detachment phenomenon using electrostatic repulsion occurs, and dirt and excess lipids are thoroughly washed away from the surface of the skin.


③ preservative free

Preservative free Preservative free has been achieved by making it basic alkaline, which is an environment where bacteria cannot grow. As soon as it touches your skin, it becomes weakly acidic and does not irritate your skin. Safe for people with sensitive skin.


④  Delivery action

Due to the characteristics of electrolytically reducing ionic water, it has a delivery effect that safely penetrates moisture and beauty ingredients into the skin.  When water comes into contact with sebum or skin, a detachment phenomenon occurs using electrostatic repulsion, and dirt and excess lipids are thoroughly washed away from the surface of the skin.


⑤ Moisturizing action

The surface tension of water is 72 N/m (25°C). However, electrolyzed water has a surface tension of only 56 N/m (25°C), so it blends better with the skin and moisturizes the skin.


⑥ Encloses active beauty ingredients

By adding plenty of skin-beautifying active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, royal jelly extract, chlorella extract, etc. that promote moisturizing and turnover in electrolytically reducing ionized water, the effect is penetrated and trapped.


⑦ Honey rose scent

Contains honey and Japanese rose. In particular, roses are said to have a sedative effect, a restful sleep effect, a skin-beautifying effect, and an immune-boosting effect. Our roses are Japanese roses (Hamanasu) from Hokkaido. Dark pink flowers and rarely white flowers bloom from May to August, and red berries about 2 cm long are produced from August to October. It is a deciduous shrub, 1-1.5 meters tall, with thick branches with thorns, rich in vitamin C, and cultivated for food. It lowers triglycerides, regulates the intestines, and has an antioxidant effect that prevents diseases such as arteriosclerosis.





How to use the all-in-one gel cream


1. As a beauty cream

After Junano wipes off lotion, take an appropriate amount and gently apply it to the entire face. When you spread it on your skin, it becomes a water-like texture, but when you roll it around, it locks in the moisture in your skin. This product completes the roles of lotion, serum, and milky lotion.

2. As a hand cream

Please use it as a hand cream after washing your hands so that it will be familiar with your skin. It has cleaning and sterilizing effects, so it can be used as an alternative to alcohol disinfection. It has excellent penetration of moisturizing ingredients and has the property of confining them, so moisture lasts without being sticky. It is also preservative and alcohol free, so it is recommended for children and mothers.

3. As a body cream

After bathing or on dry skin, please use it so that it fits gently. It is not sticky and has a smooth feel, so it can be used all year round.




Naoko Baba

Yokohama City University Dermatology Clinical Professor
Director of Dermatology, Kanagawa Children's Medical Center


It's a soft gel with a sweet scent when you pick it up, but when you apply it to your skin, it soaks into your skin in a blink of an eye, like water being absorbed by the desert.  After that, it feels smooth without being sticky.  This is the first moisturizing agent that is not sticky at all and has such a smooth feeling.  Among them are acetyl hyaluronic acid and chlorella extract with high moisturizing effect, royal jelly containing vitamins and minerals, white birch extract containing amino acids and polyphenols, and placenta extract that improves blood circulation and has antioxidant effects. It seems that it contains excellent and expensive beauty ingredients.  And the amazing thing is the feeling of the skin the next morning.  When I washed my face in the morning, my skin felt different.  The surface is unusually smooth and feels elastic.  I fell into the illusion that I had returned to the feel of my skin when I was young.






40g /  120 AED 


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