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Natural Clear Mist

Natural Clear Mist

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"Moisturize and regenerate"

100% highly acidic electrolyzed water, the main ingredient of which is hypochlorous acid, born from cutting-edge research.  Please experience our wipe lotion that keeps your skin clean, exhibits high moisturizing power without using any oil, and promotes skin regeneration.













① The power of strongly acidic electrolyzed water
Distilled water used in general cosmetics requires additives such as preservatives and disinfectants to prevent spoilage. Our wipe lotion uses "strongly acidic electrolyzed water" that does not require preservatives or disinfectants, made with the latest electrolysis system. "Strongly acidic electrolyzed water" is a "water" that is recognized for its effectiveness and is also used in medical settings.


② Safe for babies regardless of skin type

Since it uses only pure water, it is non-sticky and odorless, so it can be safely used by babies regardless of skin type. Moisturizes the skin from the stratum corneum and makes it smooth to the touch. It keeps your skin clean, moisturizes, and gently protects your skin from dryness.


③ Wipe off lotion

For women who wear make-up on a regular basis, we would like to recommend this wipe-off lotion. Even if you cleanse and wash your face properly, there are still some makeup stains left behind. It is not effective to apply skin care to the skin where the dirt remains. Therefore, by using the cleansing action of "highly acidic electrolyzed water" and using a wiping lotion after washing your face and before skin care, you can wipe off dirt that was not removed by washing your face and keep your skin clean.
"Highly acidic electrolyzed water" is different from general wiping lotion because it has moisturizing power (function to enhance skin regeneration effect) in addition to cleansing power, so it can be used as a lotion after wiping off.





How to use the wipe off lotion


1. After washing face

After removing makeup and washing your face, moisten a cotton pad with plenty of lotion and gently wipe the surface of your skin without applying force. By soaking plenty of cotton, it reduces the burden of friction on the skin.

2. Instead of washing your face in the morning

You can use it instead of washing your face in the morning. Soak a cotton pad in plenty of lotion and gently wipe it off. It cleans away sweat and dirt.

3. As a lotion

As a cleansing lotion, it not only keeps your skin clean, but also keeps your skin soft and enhances the skin regeneration effect, so you can use it as a lotion after wiping it off. Creams and oils blend well with smooth skin after lotion.




Naoko Baba

Yokohama City University Dermatology Clinical Professor
Director of Dermatology, Kanagawa Children's Medical Center


Various substances adhere to the surface of the skin after a day's activities.  However, when you take a bath, you have to wash it off completely.  Even if you think you've washed it yourself, there's still a little bit of dirt and sebum left on it.  In order to wipe them off, our special 100% highly oxidized water lotion is a product that kills two birds with one stone while at the same time removing dirt and using it as a lotion.  It makes a lot of sense to use only 100% highly oxidized water, which is fragrance-free, color-free, alcohol-free, oil-free, preservative-free, and surfactant-free, to moisturize the perfectly cleaned stratum corneum.  When I actually used it myself, I had never experienced such a refreshing wipe off lotion before, and it felt very refreshing.  And when I thought that the "100% highly oxidized water" was directly moistening the cleaned stratum corneum, it made me feel even more refreshed.





Natural Clear Mist

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