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Pure Honey Lip Gloss

Pure Honey Lip Gloss

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"Gives dry lips natural moisture"

Lips have the thinnest skin on the body and are very sensitive.  An item that contains honey and other naturally-derived ingredients to gently moisturize even those with sensitive skin.  The protein, which is a collection of amino acids contained in honey, controls the water retention function (moisturizing power) of the stratum corneum, prevents rough skin such as dryness, and gently works on skin changes caused by seasons, age, and stress.  In addition, it is a lip gloss that does not require lipstick because it brings out the original healthy lip color with its long-lasting moisture and glossy texture. 











Hydrogenated polyisobutene / rice bran oil / honey / Moringa oleifera seed oil / fragrance / shea butter




Our honey is unheated acacia honey collected from rich natural trees in satoyama(Hokkaido) with excellent natural environment by the traveling beekeeper Bonouchi Bee Garden and its companions, and no artificial additives are added. It is made up only by the power of not bees. For this reason, it has a golden glow, a mellow richness, and a very elegant aroma that goes through the nose. Acacia is also called the "queen of honey". Acacia honey contains more than 180 kinds of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antibacterial substances, and is known as a natural moisturizing ingredient and has excellent moisturizing power.



Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil, as its name suggests, is an oil extracted from the seed and pericarp of rice plants.  In Japan, which is excellent as a rice production area, we use the "press extraction method" to extract rice bran by squeezing it to extract high-quality oil.  Rice bran oil is rich in vitamin E.  Vitamin E has excellent antioxidant properties, so anti-aging and anti-aging can be expected.  In addition to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, it works in the same way as ceramide and supports the skin's barrier function.  It works to maintain the optimum balance of moisture and sebum.




Shea butter

Shea butter is a very resistant oil.  It has a very low iodine value, which indicates dryness and non-dryness, and is rich in vitamin E, which is said to be a natural antioxidant.  Shea butter has the function of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, and it can be expected to have a sunscreen effect when going out for a short time.  It also helps reduce skin inflammation after sun exposure.  This shea butter is ecocert certified and is natural shea butter that is gentle on the skin.




Moringa oleifera seed oil

Moringa seed oil is moringa seed oil, and uses 100% natural Kurd oil (raw oil) extracted from moringa seeds by direct pressure fresh pressing method.  Moringa seed oil contains over 70% oleic acid.  Oleic acid is a component of human sebum, and a lack of it can cause dullness and rough skin.  In addition, palmitic acid contained in moringa seed oil plays a role in properly penetrating nutrients into the skin, so it softens the skin (emollient effect) and gives the skin firmness and moisture. 






How to use Pure Honey Lip Gloss


1. For moisturizing dry lips

This lip gloss is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients and gently moisturizes sensitive skin, so it is recommended for lip care after washing your face and before going to bed.






Naoko Baba

Yokohama City University Dermatology Clinical Professor
Director of Dermatology, Kanagawa Children's Medical Center


Since I started applying this pure honey lip gloss this time, after taking a bath, after washing my face in the morning, before and after meals, and when I get home from outside, I applied it frequently and my lips became glossy and chewy. And the sweet honey scent when applied is irresistible! It will make you feel soothed and rich, just like you are receiving aromatherapy.
I thought it was just honey, but it also contains rice bran oil, shea oil, moringa seed oil, etc., so I was convinced that it had a long-lasting moisturizing effect and even had an anti-aging effect. It's a little extravagant if it has such a sweet and wonderful scent, but I thought it was perfect for children who have chapped lips from masks and are happy to use it without hesitation.





Pure Honey Lip Gloss

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